My name is Mario Hawat, And I am a CG Artist, Musician and Writer based in Paris France. Here’s my bio:

The Short Version:

I’ve always been extremely passionate about marrying the technical with the artistic to craft incredible storytelling experiences. This is my main drive.

The Deep Dive (click to read more)

Let’s go through my three professed loves for a little backstory into what makes me tick:

-I started dabbling with CG at around 12, making my own short movies and experiments, then working freelance for clients all over the world, culminating in me founding my own CG/VFX Studio in Beirut - Lebanon in 2018. This is where I cut my teeth as a “Technical Generalist”: With a small studio in a country without existing studio infrastructure, I had to build everything from scratch, and do heavy RnD to make the make the business profitable and autonomous (basically if I couldn’t build it, I couldn’t have it). I then went to Paris in 2021, where I, alongside my freelance activities, joined Autour Du Volcan Studios in June of that year and have been working on features, shorts, and tv specials with them ever since. My specialty is Light and Rendering TD, as well as everything procedural, and cutting edge production technologies. I also have earned a masters in Digital Directing: CG and VFX from the prestigious ARTFX School in France.

-My love for creative writing and crafting narratives goes as far as I remember. I have earned a bachelors in English Literature with High Distinction in 2016, and have been working as a freelance creative and technical writer since 2012. On the creative writing side, I was among the 10 selected directors and writers (between more than a 100 submissions from all around the arab world) for the prestigious MIFA Animation du Monde competition, affiliated with the Annecy festival. On the more technical side, I have been working as the development editor for Blendernation.com, writing more than 500 articles covering Blender’s development and news. I have also done writing work for the Blender Foundation itself, and several other outlets.

-Music weaves my creative endeavours together: I play the piano, orchestral flute, and cello, as well as a little bit of guitar. I am an avid suynthesist and frequently composed music and sounds for my experiments as well as others. I was a the lead singer of the Lebanese rock band The English Way during its 5 years run,

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